•Multicenter International trial
•Retrospective study of prospectively collected data
•Patients offered Liraglutide5 months post ESG. Those accepted were matched 1:1 to those who declines

•TBWL % at 7 months: 24.7% ESG +L vs 20.5% ESG alone p= 0.001
•Percent Fat body reduction 10.5 in ESG-L vs 7.8 ESG alone

•25 consecutive patients
•September 2012 to March 2015
•Mean Age: 47.6 +/-10 years
•Baseline BMI: 35.5 +/-2.6 kg/m2


•105 patients underwent ESG and diet vs 281 high intensity diet and exercise
•High intenistydiet defined as : a low calorie, high-protein diet (prescribed intake of 800-1200 calories per
day); participated in behavioral, nutritional, and exercise counseling; and were offered optional resources
including psychotherapy, support groups, and meal replacements